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The radio programme tells the story

Bridging the Gap by J O'Brien on Moray Firth Radio.

Here the story is told by various different people including Reay Clarke and Gordon Campbell.


Sadly Pat Hunter Gordon died in a car crash before the bridges were finally built.


Crossing the 3 Firths
00:00 / 45:37

In this radio interview Reay Clarke says the following about Pat Hunter Gordon.


"His drive and push was tremendous. If it hadn't been for Pat the three bridges would never have been accomplished. He woud never have rested until the politicians and government in general adopted the idea because he saw that it was right and he didn't let go until it was underway".

"It was a tragedy when he was killed in a car accident in 1978. He was one of the most valuable people the Highlands ever had".

Reay Clarke died in 2019. Pat was no longer alive then. However he would surely have wanted to say that without Reay's initial vision there would have been no concept for him to push through and there would be no three bridges Crossing the Three Firths now.

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